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We have temporarily disabled eConsult in order to facilitate vaccine delivery as part of the national drive to protect the public and the NHS



eConsult is an online portal where you can check your symptoms, receive medical advice or consult online with our GPs at The Morris House Group Practice.  Please note - eConsult is now available for children aged between 6 months and 16 years of age.  The consulter must be the legal parent or guardian.  

How does it work?

You can search for information about your condition and will be provided with self-help and pharmacy advice. 

Should you wish to get further advice from us, you will be given the opportunity to start an online consultation. Simply complete the online questionnaire and it will be sent securely to us at The Morris House Group Practice. We will review your response and aim to get back to you within two working days.  


What is suitable to for eConsult?
eConsult is ideal for patients enquiring about a test result or a query that can be dealt with by a text message response. eConsult is also well-suited for the management of minor ailments that can easily be managed through the history or photos on the online consultation. We can also use eConsult for simple prescription queries or where a prescription could be sent directly to a pharmacy.  


What not suitable for eConsult?
eConsult is not appropriate for urgent medical issues which require a same-day appointment. It is also not there to provide an alternative option for non-urgent medical issues requiring a telephone or face-to-face consultation. These should be booked either via reception or online as routine or urgent appointments. There may be instances where we may redirect you to book an appointment should your query be inappropriate for eConsult. Therefore, to avoid any delay getting the help you require please take a minute to check if eConsult is the most appropriate way to manage your query.  

When can an eConsult be submitted?

eConsult will be available Monday - Friday between 08:00 - 18:30. If submitting an eConsult on a Friday, please be aware that the eConsult will not be reviewed by a GP until the following week. If an eConsult is submitted before a bank holiday then the response may be delayed for two working days after.  


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