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Phlebotomy: North Middlesex service update

The North Middlesex Hospital is still only processing urgent blood test requests. However they are in the process of rolling out phlebotomy "hubs" to expand capacity.

Evergreen Surgery is the fourth hub to go live and will provide an additional 1,050 appointments per week initially for adult residents, increasing to 2,030 within two-three weeks. As part of making phlebotomy services as safe as possible, all clinics are now pre-booked.

Please keep checking our news board for when routine blood tests will become available.

Address and opening times of new hub

  • Evergreen Surgery, 1 Smythe Close, Edmonton Green, London, N9 0TW

  • Monday to Friday, 08:00 – 20:00

Current process

Phlebotomy services are no longer walk-in for urgent bloods.

We would like to assure you there are next-day appointments available.

  • GPs should order bloods and print the form which as been marked as "clinically urgent" - without this printed text you will be unable to obtain an appointment.

  • Patients can attend their chosen clinic site with a printed copy of their urgent blood request form.

  • Please note that walk-in patients will not be attended to.

Booking appointments

  • Patients must book appointments by accessing SwiftQueue after the blood test form has been requested.

  • The booking window is being kept short to manage Covid-19 transmission risk so appointments cannot be booked in advance.

  • They are undertaking discussions about the booking window and implications for capacity and risk of patients missing their appointment time.

Information for you

  • Please ensure you are familiar with how to arrange an appointment for your blood test.

  • Please attend your phlebotomy appointment with a face covering, if they do not have a face covering one will be provided upon arrival.

  • Review any forms you were given before COVID-19 as a previously non-urgent sample may now be considered urgent.

  • Please ensure that you do not to book an appointment for phlebotomy within community services if you are isolating or have Covid-19 symptoms.

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