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October Bags of Taste Course

New places on a virtual budget cooking courses are available now, to help Haringey residents learn to cook healthy, inexpensive meals from scratch.

The course is completely free for qualifying participants. We deliver all the necessary ingredients directly to their front doors, and mentors guide them through the recipes using WhatsApp, email or phone.

Each course lasts two weeks for the participants, and specially trained volunteers share videos, cooking tips, and moral support while they make the dishes, in their own time, in their own kitchens.

To encourage participants to continue cooking once they have finished the course, we send over a graduation pack with nine further recipes and a participation certificate. We also invite all graduates to join our private social media groups where they can continue asking questions and gain new inspiration for cooking.

Our courses help people to

· become more confident in the kitchen

· cook more healthily

· cook on a budget

· explore new cuisines from around the world

· make new friends

Every recipe costs less than £1 per serving when participants buy their own ingredients, and the dishes contain at least three portions of vegetables. Flavour and spice are integral to every recipe, and we compete directly with expensive takeaways and ready meals. Many of our recipes are curries, Chinese food, and Italian favourites.

Households can save up to £900 a year on their food shopping after learning the skills from the course.

How to register

Please contact if someone you know would benefit from our course.

email text/WhatsApp/call 07759 500 485

Note: All content/support is currently provided in English.

Case studies of students who finished the course:

Recent BBC article on virtual BoT courses:

The Bags of Taste Team

Look forward to hearing from you soon!


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