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Our Policy relating to non-NHS or Private Work


Letters in support of blue badge applications or freedom passes should be made on a separate form – please ask at reception (we will be adding these to our website in due course).


We do not do the following:


  • Verification of photographs for driving licences, passports, etc.

  • Passport forms.

  • Character references, e.g. for a firearms licence.

  • Employment references.


Doctors are paid by the NHS to provide medical services to patients.  Private letters for patients are not paid for by the NHS and that is why doctors charge for them.  Doctors are not obliged to do these letters.


Examples of such letters include:


  • Sickness letters for missed exams

  • Reports for Blue Badge and Freedom Pass applications

  • Fitness to exercise certificates


The charge for your letter will depend on the time it takes the doctor to examine your medical records and then to write the letter.


Our primary obligation is to perform our NHS work of treating the medical needs of our patients.  Your letter will therefore only be done after the doctor has dealt with his/her NHS work.


We generally manage to complete private work within 28 days of the request.


We may decline to do your letter if:


  • There is no evidence in your medical record to support the purpose of your request.

  • There is not enough time to do it owing to the pressure of NHS work.

Request Letter Form
Request for a Private Letter or Report

Tick if a solicitor is dealing with these matters on your behalf.

Fees for private services
Fees for private services

Certificates and Forms

Private sick note (if you have been off work for less than 7 days)

Freedom from infection certificate

Provident association claim form (e.g. BUPA/PPP) 

Travel insurance benefit claim form

Health or sports - fitness to exercise 

Medical examinations and reports

Private examination/report 

Taxi, HGV, PCO or private cab examination

Elderly driver fitness medical examination 

Fitness to attend - medical exam and report (sports, school, university)

Fitness to attend (report only)  

Paternity/genetic testing

DNA paternity test 

Mental capacity certificate with medical 

Solicitors report

Travel abroad

Travel vaccinations (non-NHS)

Yellow fever (course, incl certificate) 

Rabies (per dose £55 - three doses required) 

Administration fees: Hep B (course of 3 injections at £30 each) 

Men AC and Men ACWY 

Private prescriptions for drugs required solely for the purpose of travel abroad 

Vaccination certificate 

Holiday cancellation certificate 

Fitness to travel certificate (minimum)






from 50.00




 from 30.00



from 150.00

from  75.00









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