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MED3 Fit Notes


You do not need to provide a doctor's certificate for absence from work due to sickness for a period of less than seven days. You may be asked to complete a self-certification certificate (SC2) available from the HMRC website.

If you have been sick for seven or more days your employer may request a "Statement of Fitness for Work" from a clinician responsible for your care. If we have already issued you with a MED3 due to sickness then you may use this form to request an extension for original period given.

I agree to the terms and conditions below and understand that an appointment may still be necessary.

Terms and Conditions
  • We cannot issue MED3 certificates for more than three months.

  • We cannot issue or extend MED3 certificates if we have not seen you.

  • If you have been discharged from hospital we cannot issue a MED3 certificate without documentation from the hospital.

  • If a hospital doctor has advised you not to work, it is their responsibility to issue you with a MED3 certificate.

  • We cannot issue a retrospective MED3 certificate, it is the patient's responsibility to request these on time. 

  • If you request a late extension, there may be a gap in your MED3 record which may affect sick-pay or benefits.

  • Full guidance is available via GOV.UK.

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