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Go Greener with your inhaler choices!

The NHS is responsible for around 5% of the UKs carbon footprint which is equivalent all planes taking off from Heathrow each year. Within the NHS, medicines count for 25% of all carbon emissions and inhalers are the biggest source.

The NHS is going greener and therefore we are inviting our asthma patients to consider switching to a more environmentally friendly inhaler. Before you are switched, a clinician will assess your symptoms and ensure the switch is suitable. These new inhalers can be easier for some people to use as they do not need to be used with a spacer device, have a dose counter and can be easier to coordinate with breathing.

If you are interested, please contact the surgery for an appointment with one of the practice's pharmacists or healthcare assistants and reduce your carbon footprint.

Please note not all patients will be eligible for a switch especially if the clinician believes your asthma control will be adversely affected.


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